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Composite Columns & Architectural Wood Column

Architectural Wood Columns

Premiere™ & Signature Series™

Premiere™ & Signature Series™ Wood Columns embody the beauty and elegance of their classical predecessors, as well as unique, contemporary forms. Now you can incorporate their timeless appeal into both exterior and interior spaces. We offer a diverse selection of wood columns to meet all your decorative needs.

The Premiere™ Series
encompasses historically accurate
styles, including the basic Doric,
elegant Ionic and richly
textured Corinthian orders.
The Signature Series™
includes many of the most
beautifully styled wood columns crafted with custom
measurements for an ideal appearance in any application.

With so many styles to choose from, there is surely a wood column for every taste and every project. When it comes to architectural enhancement, there is nothing like the incomparable warmth and texture of wood. Pacific Columns only provides columns of the highest quality. Each of our wood columns is fashioned in beautiful hardwood and designed to endure through the years.

Composite Columns


Stately, elegant and bold, Endura-Series™ Composite Architectural Columns are historically inspired, entirely
beautiful, and fully load bearing. Our Endura-Series™
Composite Architectural Columns bring you traditional appeal
and modern durability - an excellent alternative to traditional stone columns.

Browse our selection of composite
columns for a virtually maintenance
free addition to the exterior of your
home. Composite architectural
columns are crafted in the most
advanced building materials on
today's market. They are designed
to endure through the years while enhancing
your home as well as increasing your home's overall value.

Endura-Series™ Composite Architectural Columns stand up to the elements to maintain their beauty though the years. Our composite/fiberglass column resists warping, cracking and deterioration. Each column is non-porous and waterproof, an ideal choice for all situations, including high humidity environments. Endura-Series™ Composite Columns are also impervious to insects, staining, decay and fungi.