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Architectural Bases

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Tuscan Base

The Tuscan base derives its name from the last of the Greco-Roman columns, and it is a popular choice for installations with Tuscan and Doric column styles. The Tuscan base becomes a versatile foundation for the composite column of your choice. The base features a robust torus accented with smaller mouldings that create an attractive transition between base and column shaft. The convex torus rests upon a bold square plinth.

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Attic Base

When you require a richly detailed base, consider the Attic base. Two convex mouldings define this base. Smaller mouldings accent the larger mouldings. The Attic base also includes a crisp square plinth. This base looks wonderful when paired with the smooth column shaft. The combination of convex and concave forms also compliments the fluted shaft. The Attic base creates a sense of balance when paired with one of our many beautifully detailed capitals. This base is often associated with the Ionic and Corinthian columns.

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Tuscan Base without Plinth

This is our least detailed composite base. The base is defined by a robust torus. This Tuscan base does not include a square plinth.

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Attic Base without Plinth

We also offer the Attic base without a square plinth. This base features two convex mouldings. Smaller mouldings refine the design. The Attic base offers the rich detail that compliments fluted column shafts and ornate capitals.

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