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Premier Wood Corinthian

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Premier Wood Corinthian Columns
Premier Wood Corinthian Wood Columns
Premier Wood Corinthian Wood Columns Profile
Premier Wood Corinthian Wood Columns Profile

Of all the Classical columns, the Roman Corinthian has the most festive and natural appearance. The original Greek Corinthian is the last of the Greek columns, and features a bell-shaped capitol adorned with lush acanthus leaves and accented by small and stylized Ionic flutes.

The Roman Corinthian Column includes enhanced details. Like the Ionic column, the Corinthian traditionally features 24 flutes. A height of 10 shaft circumferences gives the Corinthian a tall and slender form.Examples of the Corinthian column can be found at the Pantheon in Rome. Today, this wonderfully detailed column is a true focal point, and adds character to any room.

Wood Columns of the Corinthian Order are crowned with an inverted bell-shaped capital. The capital is richly adorned with Acanthus leaves. Like the Ionic, the Corinthian column exhibits 24 flutes and an Attic Base. The height of Corinthian column, including base, is ten diameters. This is a common Roman order that was used on the Temple of Mars Ultor. Available with in a stain grade with a wood Roman Corinthian Capital carved from the same wood species as the column shaft.

The Corinthian Column is the most slender of the three classic Greek Orders and is often regarded as the most elegant column in architecture. Originally created between 450-420BC in the temple of Apollo Epicurius at bassae, the Corinthian Column consists of three layers of Acanthus Leaves with volutes protruding at 45-degree angles on each corner.

The Roman Corinthian Wood Column can be order in a round or square shaft configuration with options of being Fluted, Smooth, Tapered, or Non-Tapered.

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Premier Wood Corinthian Columns Available Finishes

Premier Wood Corinthian Columns Premier Wood Corinthian Columns Stained Finish
Wood Finish
Stain Grade

Stain grade columns are designed to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. The most attractive wood is used, so when the column is stained, it looks outstanding. They are perfect for interior applications.

Premier Wood Corinthian Columns Painted Finish
Wood Finish
Paint Grade

Paint grade columns are an excellent choice for exterior enhancements. Paint grade wood columns are unfinished. It is important to note that for the best results, these columns should be primed and painted.