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Premier Wood Tuscan

Exterior & Interior Columns

Premier Wood Tuscan Columns
Premier Wood Tuscan Columns
Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Profile
Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Profile

The quintessential Tuscan column is actually a version of the Greek Doric column. The Tuscan, one of the last defined Classical columns, was a simplified version of the Doric, continued by Roman architects and further enhanced with astragal ring and a simplified base. This column style was a versatile addition to many spaces in ancient times, and today, it maintains its appeal.

The Tuscan column works well throughout any residential or commercial space. It is a flexible choice that will brighten any room with character and traditional style. We offer the Tuscan column crafted with age-old principles of architectural beauty. Tuscan columns can be tapered, crafted with entasis and manufactured to the height of seven total shaft circumferences; principles that have long been employed to produce the most visually pleasing column.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Tuscan Order is simplicity. When used in true architectural proportions, the height of the Tuscan wood column, including capital and base, is seven diameters. Tuscan wood columns in antiquity are found on the Temple of Piety in Rome. Perfect for either Interior Fireplace Column or Exterior Porch Columns. The Tuscan Wood Column may be ordered according to Vignola’s architecturally correct dimensions, or in a combination of custom heights and diameters. Availability in fluted and non-tapered versions give this style column the flexibility to match any project need.

Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Material Availability

Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Material Examples

Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Finishes Availability

Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Stained Finish
Wood Finish
Stain Grade

Stain grade columns are designed to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. The most attractive wood is used, so when the column is stained, it looks outstanding. They are perfect for interior applications.

Premier Wood Tuscan Columns Painted Finish
Wood Finish
Paint Grade

Paint grade columns are an excellent choice for exterior enhancements. Paint grade wood columns are unfinished. It is important to note that for the best results, these columns should be primed and painted.