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Signature Wood Series

Exterior & Interior Wood Columns

Wood Columns Signature Series
Premier Wood Signature Series
Our selection of decorative wood columns also includes the Signature Series™, a collection of decorative columns crafted with stunning beauty. When you want something unique and above average, the Signature Series™ has much to offer.
Pemier Wood Signature Series

The Signature Series™ includes custom crafted architectural columns for any project. They are at once traditionally inspired and delightfully contemporary. Each decorative column in this diverse series is elegantly designed and intricately detailed to truly enhance any space. A diverse assortment of high quality hardwoods can achieve different effects within the same column style. With 10 different styles and many hardwoods to choose from, there is surely an ideal Signature Series™ Wood Column for any project.

Signature Series™ Wood Columns are not only beautiful, but also painstakingly crafted. This exacting process includes the milling of the column's shaft, a state of the art computer controlled lathe process, machine sanding for a uniform surface, and inspection to ensure supreme quality.

Wood Material Availability

Wood Material Swatches

Material Finished Availability

Wood Signature Series Samples Finished Staned Wood Columns
Wood Finish
Stain Grade

Stain grade columns are designed to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. The most attractive wood is used, so when the column is stained, it looks outstanding. They are perfect for interior applications.

Finished Painted Columns
Wood Finish
Paint Grade

Paint grade columns are an excellent choice for exterior enhancements. Paint grade wood columns are unfinished. It is important to note that for the best results, these columns should be primed and painted.