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Our Complete Product Selection

Pacific Columns is dedicated to helping deliver a complete product line. Indoor or outdoor, columns or otherwise, Pacific Columns can provide you with fine architectural products for residential and commercial applications. Furthermore...

About Our Columns

Pacific Columns is committed to offer the best architectural products of the industry. Our columns are 100% made in the United States, offering the highest possible quality. Watch this video and learn more about sizes, colors, and materials.

Our Column Builder Tutorial

We know it is hard to visualize how your columns will look. For this reason we have created the Column Builder, so you can design the column you want, and visualize exactly how it will look in only a few easy steps. Whatch this video and learn how to use our Column Builder.

Wood Column Builder Tutorial

This video tutorial will help you understand our Column Builder. The step-by-step tutorial covers everything you need to choose the right column for your project.

Our Quickship Program

Find out about the most important features of our innovative shipping program. Thanks to Quickship, we can ship your columns in less than 72 hours.

Architectural Correctness

Got tapers? Pacific Columns does! We carry architecturally correct Roman & Greek designs with our columns, keeping the true entasis tapers from historical specifications. Our decorative capitals are historically designed and our Endura-stone bases are made in Endura-Stone™ material as well to ensure quality comes standard in your column order.

Pre-Colored & Textured Columns

Pre-colored and textured columns a reality! Watch this brief video to see how Pacific Columns can help meet your need for maintenance free columns and stylish appearance at the same time! Video shows our three pre-colored and textured options: Sandstone, Pebblestone, White.

Composite Columns Promo

Short video promo that highlights the most important features of composite columns, such as the value they add to properties, and their resistance to weathering and insects.

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