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Architectural Column Selection by Pacific Columns

Columns Selection

We offer beautiful architectural columns crafted in both advanced composite materials and gorgeous high quality woods. At Pacific Columns, we strive to bring you the finest columns that are at once aesthetically effective and durably crafted to retain their original beauty through the years. Our columns are also architecturally accurate, featuring timeless design principles such as tapering, entasis, and traditional fluting. They are excellent additions to Classical Revival projects, or any project for that matter.

Our Endura-Series™ Composite Columns are great alternatives to columns crafted in traditional materials. They stand up to weathering, fungus and insects while surpassing industry standards when it comes to structural integrity and fire safety. The Endura-Series™ also includes beautifully detailed, classically inspired capitals and bases.

There is nothing like the warmth and natural texture of wood. Our Signature™ and Premiere™ Wood Column selection includes stunning columns crafted in a full range of wood species to meet all your needs. Our Premiere™ Series classical columns can be crafted according to traditional design principles are crafted with custom measurements for an ideal appearance. If you are looking for something unique, the Premiere™ Series has a great deal to offer. It includes elegantly crafted wood columns, contemporary styles with traditional appeal.

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Architectural Balustrades Selection by Pacific Columns

Balustrades Selection

Our balustrade systems are not only ideal enhancements for exterior spaces; they can also define exterior spaces in terms of dramatic style and character. They also integrate well with our columns. When you require something more than a railing system, our balustrade systems are the answer.

We offer balustrade systems in two materials. Endura-Stone™ Poly/Marble Balustrades enhance with the look and feel of naturally cultured marble, yet they are crafted with precision in an innovative combination of crushed marble and fiberglass-reinforced resins, a very strong stone material for modern times. We also bring you balustrade systems crafted in high-density polyurethane. Our Endura-Classic™ urethane balustrades reveal beautiful detail. They are lightweight, easy to install, but also dense and very durable.

For an enduring balustrade system that resists cracking, rotting, and insects while exceeding the requirements of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA), Endura-Stone™ and Endura-Classic™ balustrades are the answer.

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Deck Railing Selection by Pacific Columns

Rails Selection

Pacific Columns is your source for attractive railing systems that allow you to define exterior spaces. Our railing systems prove that you can combine safety and style to create one high quality exterior accent.

Featuring a full range of easy to install high quality components, our railing systems allow you to work with flexibility and create a truly attractive and versatile accent for any exterior. Our railing systems have the look and feel of traditional wood railings, but they are free of the damage that is often associated with wood, the degeneration caused by weathering and insects over time. There is no peeling, cracking or replacing of rotted components, which makes for a virtually maintenance-free product that will allow you to spend more time enjoying your railing system and the detail that is adds to your home. Precise manufacturing in high quality materials, such as composite, cellular PVC and vinyl ensures that there is a railing system for every project.

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Architectural Shutter Selection by Pacific Columns

Shutters Selection

Our selection of beautiful exterior products includes a full range of shutter styles that enhance the exterior of your home with traditional appeal and character. Turn ordinary windows into something more with our beautifully crafted, traditional shutters.

Whether you seek paneled, louvered, board-n-batten, bahama style, or combination shutters, there is surely a perfect shutter for you. Our shutters are available in a full range of rich and vibrant colors to compliment any exterior. Many styles are available in fiberglass, composite wood and vinyl for an ideal appearance. Our composite shutters enhance with authentic appeal, so they are perfectly suitable for anything from historic restorations to contemporary exteriors. If you prefer a wood shutter for a truly authentic appearance, our composite wood shutters provide unmatched durability. We guarantee that each shutter is of the highest quality and designed to endure through the years.

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