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Your composite railing system is manufactured using a blend of wood and plastic that binds the wood together and provides a coating around the individual wood fibers. An additional vinyl coat is applied to the surface to provide superior weather performance and color retention. For this reason and unlike traditional wood products, it is resistant to paints and penetrating stains. A mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep the composite railing system looking new. For tough stains, Soft Scrub™ or baking soda works well. If stains or scuff marks appear, use a fiberglass cleaner/glaze or #0000 steel wool and Simple Green™. The surface can be sanded, and a fine sand paper (such as 200 grit) should be used, followed by 400 or 600 grit to polish and restore original finish.


It is the responsibility of the contractor to meet or exceed all code and safety requirements, and to obtain all required building permits. These instructions are only a guide, and may not address every circumstance. The deck and railing installer should determine and implement appropriate installation techniques for each situation. Manufacturer shall not be held liable for improper or unsafe installations.

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