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Deck Railing by Pacific Columns

Aluminum Deck and Balcony Railing


Aluminum Railing Systems

Aluminum Redi-Rail Systems are revolutionizing the look and feel of traditional metal railings. Our aluminum railing systems are beautifuly crafted and offer a complete aluminum railing solution. Packaged in kits, you will be supplied with virtually everything you need to get your system installed.

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Architectural Cellular PVC Rails by Pacific Columns

Cellular PVC

High Density Cellular PVC Rails

If you are looking for a railing system with enhanced detail, a Cellular PVC Railing System is an excellent choice. This system is crafted in high density cellular PVC. This provides for an aesthetically effective and durably crafted system that resists weathering to maintain its beauty through the years. Rails reinforced with either wood or aluminum allow you to adjust the system's level of structural stability to any exterior. A variety of railings, spindles, newels, posts and accessories make the Cellular PVC Railing System a flexible choice.

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Architectural Composite Rails by Pacific Columns

Composite Rails

Composite Rails

The Composite Railing System brings you look and feel of a classic wood railing, but it is also crafted with modern durability to endure through the years. The Composite Railing System is crafted in a high quality wood composite encased in polymer capstock. The resulting system is authentic in appearance and an excellent addition to a diverse variety of exteriors. Our Composite Railing Systems resist warping, peeling and rotting for a beautiful, virtually maintenance free railing system that you can spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying.

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Architectural Vinyl Rails by Pacific Columns


High Density Vinyl Rails

Our Vinyl Railing Systems are beautifully designed, durably manufactured and easy to install. We offer both Flat and detailed Deluxe railings with your choice of Colonial or Square spindles. This flexible railing system is an excellent addition to any exteriors. High quality vinyl resists cracking and warping caused by weathering. Vinyl is also impervious to damage caused by insects and fungus.

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Our Composite, Cellular PVC and Vinyl Railing Systems bring you unmatched beauty, quality and endurance. Each system allows for a different level of aesthetic appeal, customization and structural integrity. The end result is a great selection of railing systems for any exterior and any way of life.

We craft our railing systems in high quality materials, such as wood composite encased in polymer capstock, high density cellular PVC reinforced with either wood or aluminum, and finally, durable vinyl. Traditional railing systems, ranging from classic to simply versatile allow for beautiful exterior accents that surpass other railing systems in style and quality. A diverse selection of rails, spindles, posts, newels a accessories offers limitless possibilities.

If you are looking for the classic, aesthetic appeal of a wood railing, but not looking forward to the maintenance time-intensive upkeep that often goes into wood railings, our railing systems are an excellent alternative. They resist warping, cracking, rotting, fungus and insects. To prove the endurance of our railing systems, we back them by limited warranties.

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