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There are two different styles and many beautiful designs to choose from, no matter what size or color you are looking for, rest assure that Pacific Columns can provide you with any type of design you desire. And if you want an even broader variety, you can visit our Signature Wood Columns that can be customized to fit your specific choosing of variety in our finest quality.

Designed consistent to historically accurate proportions, every Endura-Series™ Column exhibits a true architectural taper. According to Greek and Italian architects, columns should be constructed with this slight decline in the column's upper portion to provide the most visually appealing design. Endura-Series™ Columns are manufactured following the classic architectural dimensions, or may be ordered with any custom combination of height and width. This guarantees the exact fit for your project requirements.

Balustrade systems create beautifully detailed exteriors for both stately homes and commercial buildings. The beauty and grandeur of our classically designed balusters and spindles, in combination with our columns and capitals will enhance the beauty of any building exterior.

Our unique marble fiberglass reinforced polymer composite replicates the smooth consistency of marble while offering a virtually maintenance-free product that will not rot, crack, or split, and that is impervious to insects. This innovative material, a combination of crushed marble and fiberglass-reinforced resins, has the structural strength of traditional stone balustrades without the added weight and installation difficulties. All Pacific Columns balustrade systems either meet or exceed the requirements of the Building Officials & Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA).

Installing a stylish railing system on a home is like putting icing on a cake. But many homeowners don’t want the labor-intensive maintenance of wood railings — including staining, sealing and repairing damage caused by the elements, Pacific Columns railing systems are the perfect solution. Our railings are made from superior materials then our leading competitors in every way. They offer a look and style that is virtually maintenance free — with fast and easy installation so you can do more in less time.

Beauty and performance are built right into Pacific Columns railing systems. Manufactured using superior materials for protection, it offers the look and style of premium wood. These advanced materials the looks and durability that you can come to expect from Pacific Columns products. Our Composite Railing, can resists penetrating stains, warping, splitting, splintering, rotting and peeling. It offers superior weather performance and color retention.

Window shutters are one of your most important considerations when building or remodeling a home, so make sure you choose the best - is the best. Our shutters not only make your home beautiful and add curb appeal, they perform through the years against the elements without chipping or fading.

Our portfolio offers the widest variety of top of the line exterior window shutters, from vinyl to wood and fiberglass, there is a decorative style to satisfy every design taste and budget. And no matter what you choose, quality and craftsmanship of materials are guaranteed.