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You will find that the Bahama Shutter is a favorite in many coastal and desert areas. This distinctly designed shutter opens from a horizontal angle, providing protection from the sun while permitting maximum airflow. The Bahama Shutter is an exceptional addition to home exteriors throughout all geographic areas. When you desire a unique shutter with crisp, clean lines, the Bahama Shutter has much to offer. We offer the Bahama Shutter in high quality wood species, and with custom specifications.

Authentic Wood Shutters in this section are available in three versatile wood species. Select from high quality exterior wood species, including Pine, Redwood and Western Red Cedar. Each shutter is crafted with beauty and precision to provide you with the best possible results in appearance and durability. To meet your needs, Authentic Wood Bahama Shutters are available with custom measurements, including width, height and inch fraction. Authentic Wood Bahama Shutters are delivered to you unfinished and ready for staining. Shutters in all three wood species are also available pre-primed for easy custom paint jobs.

An Extra Mullion will be added every 20"

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Available Materials:
Western Red Cedar

Feature Rating

Key Features
Authentic real wood shutters.
Custom made to your exact specifications.
Finest american craftsmanship.
Genuine details and custom capabilities.
Great for functional or decorative installations.
Free standard shipping!

Arrows by Pacific Columns Mullion: Added every 20"
Arrows by Pacific Columns Shipping: Usually Ships in 10-12 days.

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