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Exterior Shutters Board-N-Batten by Pacific Columns

Architectural Board-N-Batten Vinyl Shutters by Pacific Columns

Vinyl Board-N-Batten 17 1/2" Five Board

Exterior Shutters

Vinyl Board-N-Batten 17 1/2" Five Board Shutters are available in a wide variety of widths and heights (up to 110"). And with a vast assortment of colors to choose from, selecting the shutters you need has never been easier.

Available Colors:
White 001
Black 002
Wedgewood Blue 004
Clay 008
Federal Brown 009
Musket Brown 010
Tuxedo Grey 018
Wicker 023
Burgundy Red 027
Forest Green 028
Classic Blue 036
Wineberry 078
Midnight Green 122
Midnight Blue 166
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Key Features

40 year warranty on exterior vinyl shutters
Vinyl Shutters will not crack or fade
Add value to your home with vinyl shutters
Custom size shutters to fit your shutter needs
Largest vinyl shutter manufacturer in the nation
Easy shutter-lok installation

 Shipping: Usually Ships in 3-5 days
 Packaged: Boxed pairs with ShutterLok fasteners.
 Sizes: Available in 28 standard sizes as well as custom sizes in 1/4" increments.
 *Sizes: Shutters 55” and over will have three cross battens.
 Colors: Available in more than 16 different colors.
 Measurements: For offset mullion shutters, the measurement from top of shutter to top of middle rail/mullion is necessary.


Our Vinyl shutters are simple and relaxed in style, and when it comes to enhancing your windows, they make a big difference. Classic and durable, our shutters are made of vinyl and available in custom sizes. Select specifications like shutter height, width, and inch fraction for a truly unique product with a perfect fit. Our custom shutters are also available in many vibrant and rich colors to meet your decorative needs. Since they are colored throughout, they will not peel, chip, or fade '' a wonderful alternative to traditional wood shutters. Our custom shutters are not only beautiful, but also long lasting, and they require little maintenance.

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