Roman Doric Wood Column Buillder

The minimal but refined design of the Roman Doric column places much emphasis on the body of the column itself.
As the Doric capital is not as ornate as other capitals within the classical orders,
the column takes on a basic, versatile and balanced appearance while never lacking the elegance that you seek.

The Doric column, the first recorded of the ancient Greek columns, received an enhanced design at the hands of later day Roman architects. The Roman Doric column includes fine details and a refined appearance. A Doric base forms the foundation of the column, and supports a shaft that is most commonly fluted. An architectural taper gives the shaft a dramatic appearance and creates a sense of enhanced height. The crown of the Roman Doric column begins with a single astragal ring.
The capital itself consists of a flared and detailed neck crowned with an abacus of equal width.