EnduraStone™ Series Balustrade

Endura-Stone™ Balustrade System

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Presenting our Endura-Stone™ Balustrade System

The beauty and grandeur of classically designed balusters and spindles add a decorative touch to the interior or exterior of your home or commercial site. Many of the most popular balustrade systems, also occasionally known as baluster systems, offer your choice of commercial height, rooftop height, and residential height balusters, all featuring exquisite and intricate detailing.

All Endura-Stone™ spindle and baluster systems include extended balusters for stair rail applications and can be installed in both straight and curved [radius] applications. Railing and newel caps are interchangeable with all applications.

Endura-Stone™ Balustrade System Balusters

Our Endura-Stone™ Balustrade Systems feature an innovative patent-pending design that combines polymer and marble to create a marble alternative like none other. Crushed marble and fiberglass-reinforced resins are combined to bring you an advanced balustrade material that enhances with traditional character. Extended balusters for stair applications and half balusters are also available.








Baluster Dimensions
Style Part # A B C D On Center Spacing Spindles Per Foot *Overall System Height
CharlestonSC210-313-3/8"7-3/8" SQ7-3/4" SQ31-1/2"5-1/4"2.28636-7/8"
CharlestonSC210-353-3/8"9-1/2" SQ10" SQ35-7/8"5-1/4"2.28641-1/4"
SavannahSC220-223-3/8"3" SQ2-7/8" SQ22"6"222-3/8"
SavannahSS220-313-3/8"5-3/4" SQ6-1/8" SQ31-3/8"6"236-3/4"
SavannahSS250-343-3/8"7" SQ7-7/8" SQ34-3/8"6"239-3/4"
SavannahSS220-38C3-3/8"7-1/4" SQ7-3/4" SQ39-3/8"6"244-3/4"
SavannahSS220-42C3-3/8"9" SQ9-5/8" SQ42"6"247-3/8"
LexingtonSL250-313-3/4"6-3/8" SQ6-3/4" SQ31-3/4"5-1/2"2.18237-1/8"
LexingtonSL250-363-3/4"8-7/8" SQ9-1/4" SQ36-3/4"5-1/2"2.18242-1/8"
MontreauxBM120-325"2-1/4" SQ2-5/8" SQ31-1/2"6-3/4"1.7938" - 43-1/2"
MontreauxBM120-32C5"3" SQ3-1/4" SQ32-7/8"6-3/4"1.7939-3/8" - 44-7/8"
MontreauxBM120-32X5"5-1/4" SQ5-5/8" SQ37-1/2"6-3/4"1.7944" - 49-1/2"
MontreauxBM120-37C5"6" SQ6-1/4" SQ38-7/8"6-3/4"1.7945-3/8" - 50-7/8"
CambridgeBC510-185-1/2"3" SQ2-3/4" SQ18"6-3/4"1.7924-1/2" - 30"
CambridgeBC520-225-1/2"3-3/4" SQ3-1/4" SQ22"6-3/4"1.7928-1/2" - 34"
CambridgeBC340-255-1/2"4-1/2" SQ3-3/4" SQ25-3/4"6-3/4"1.7932-1/4" - 37-1/4"
CambridgeBC340-315-1/2"7-1/4" SQ6-5/8" SQ31-3/8"6-3/4"1.7938-1/4" - 43-3/8"
CambridgeBC390-31C5-1/2"4-3/4" SQ4-5/8" SQ31-3/8"6-3/4"1.7938-1/4" - 43-3/8"
CambridgeBC390-37C5-1/2"7-1/2" SQ7-1/2" SQ37"6-3/4"1.7943-1/2" - 49"
JeffersonBJ620-265-5/8"4-5/8" SQ4-3/8" SQ25-7/8"7-5/8"1.57332-3/8" - 37-7/8"
JeffersonBJ620-325-5/8"7-5/8" SQ8" SQ31-3/8"7-5/8"1.57338-1/4" - 43-3/8"
HuntingtonBH430-287-3/4"3-7/8" SQ4-3/4" SQ28"8"1.538-3/8"
HuntingtonBH430-367-3/4"8-1/8" SQ9" SQ36-1/2"8"1.546-7/8"

Composite Balustrades Deliver the Science of Beauty

Our Endura-Stone architectural balusters are the perfect blend of classic tradition with today's technology. The gentle curves and distinctive detailing of the our architectural balusters combined with the low maintenance properties, make the Endura-Stone™ balustrade system an ideal choice for porches, decks, balconies, porticos, stairways and more.

Each balustrade system piece is hand crafted and hand sanded to a beautiful smooth finish, with no visible seams. Although all Endura-Stone™ composite balustrades are hand finished, home owners and builders need to prime and paint the system; when doing so use a high-quality exterior latex paint.

The Endura-Stone™ balusters, railings, newel posts, ball caps and risers as well as all Endura-Stone™ architectural baluster collections are manufactured from a marble fiberglass-reinforced polymer composite material. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty these composite balustrades will not rot, crack or split and are insect resistant and will withstand extreme whether conditions, making the entire system virtually maintenance free.

European Style

The popular European style of installing balustrade systems does not utilize a bottom rail, with the balusters installed direct to the flooring or decking. Use the Cambridge Residential Height Extended Architectural Baluster or Commercial Baluster and combine with the tall profile railings to meet most residential code heights. This unique style is quickly becoming a preferred manner of architectural baluster installation.

Strength without weight

All Endura-Stone™ balustrade systems are lighter in weight when compared to comparable stone and concrete systems. Endura-Stone™ composite balustrades can be installed directly to wood decks without the need for excessive structural reinforcement and are routinely specified for balconies and porticos.

Radius applications

The sweeping grandeur of a curved installation of Endura-Stone™ composite balustrades will visually enhance any home. When you want to make a statement or when curves are needed, use a custom radius rail along with our 45° Newel Post to achieve dramatic and stunning results.

Endura-Stone™ 45° newel posts are designed to be used with our 12" and 18" newel posts, creating a variety of style options. 45° newel posts are available in peaked and rounded cap options, rounded cap posts can also be further adorned with ball tops.

Rooftop applications

We offer select rooftop balusters in two rooftop heights, 18" and 22". These baluster heights are ideal for added architectural interest to non-access areas. Both the 18" and 22" systems can be enhanced with 12" peaked, rounded and flat and 45° peaked and rounded capped newel posts.

Second story balconies and porches are enhanced by using residential and commercial height balusters depending on building code requirements.

Applications for Stairways

Every collection of composite balustrades includes extended/stair balusters and newel posts so every installation that includes a stairway maintains beautiful integrity.

Using the extended balusters and newel posts allows the installer to accurately maintain the same distance between top and bottom railing as the adjoining level baluster installation, assuring a architecturally and aesthetic correct installation of these composite balustrades that also meet code height requirements.

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