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Decorative Columns

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When examined, the three primary columns of the Greek order reveal a progression of ornamental detail. The Doric column is rather archaic and rustic in appearance. It also features the least ornamentation. Today, the solid and stout Doric column speaks to those who require versatility, simple beauty and clean lines. Curling scrolls set the Ionic column apart from all others. The unique Ionic capital features decorative details not found in the previous Doric column, but found in following column styles. The ionic capital is considered the most elegant of the three orders. Lastly, the lush acanthus leaf design of the Corinthian column brings rich texture and festive detail into any setting. Later Greco-Roman columns crafted in Doric, Ionic and Corinthian design modes feature enhanced and refined details. Even the sober Doric column takes on a festive appearance with the addition of rich details and fine mouldings.

Classical decorative elements, like fluting, moulding, egg and dart, and floral medallions, give the column a rich appearance that brightens any room. In addition to classical designs, shoppers also have a great selection of contemporary columns to choose from. These decorative columns range from the classically-inspired to the completely unique and striking. A finely crafted decorative column is as much a work of art as a functional architectural element.

As one of history's most favored and timelessly-attractive architectural elements, the column addresses decor in both exterior and interior applications. Columns flanking a doorway can evoke a sense of stately elegance. Half columns supporting the span of a wide arch create an inviting entryway. A single free-standing column can help to define open interiors. Decorative columns also improve mantels. We also see that columns and pilasters can also play an integral role in cabinetry. Columns can enhance corners of kitchen islands, and they can connect countertops and upper cabinets. Pilasters can frame cabinets and wall niches.

Decorative column materials range from versatile polymers, like PVC Column Wraps and fiberglass, to artfully carved wood, like pale Pine or rich Walnut, and many more. Whether you are looking for a column that will accent a painted wall or blend with a wood interior, the decorative possibilities abound.