Porch Columns

Porch Columns

Presenting our Porch Columns

Porch columns are among the homes most important architectural features. Columns highlight the entryway, the most inviting area of the exterior. They compliment millwork, such as window and door casings, pediments, crossheads, and other accents. Porch columns can also compliment railings and balustrade systems to give the exterior of the home a unified appearance. The porch column truly defines the exterior space, and because it holds value on both decorative and functional levels, it continues to inspire beautiful creations and renovations.

Large and bold, subtle and understated, refined, rustic, ornate or simple; today's porch column selection is as diverse as the houses that they adorn. To meet the needs of every project, w offer porch columns for old colonials, cozy bungalows, and many other architectural styles. Our product selection includes both round and square porch columns in tapered and non-tapered formats. Our load bearing columns are both beautiful and functional. We also offer innovative square columns. These columns install around supports. They are designed to install with ease, and E-Z Lock joint system gives you perfectly finished corners.

One of the primary features of a well-designed exterior column is high-performance. In load bearing applications, the porch column should be strong enough to meet and even exceed building codes. Impact-resistance can also provide extra safety. In addition, an outstanding porch column should be crafted in materials that can withstand the effects of moisture, weather and time. A resistance to peeling, staining and other damage results in a column that remains beautiful over time.

The Endura-Stone™ column is among the strongest available today. We offer load-bearing Endura-Stone™ columns that enhance porches with elegant detail while resisting the elements. Endura-Stone™ columns also have impact-resistant qualities.

If you prefer wood porch columns, we also have what you need. Wood columns are treated with high quality wood preservatives to protect against moisture, exposure and insects. With such a large selection of designs and high quality wood species to choose from, we know you will be pleased. Wood porch columns are great for both paint-grade and stain-grade applications. When painted, the wood porch column in unmistakably authentic and traditional in appearance. When stained, it possesses natural warmth and texture.