Square Columns

Square Columns

Presenting our Square Columns

Square columns are an integral part of traditional American architecture. Where there is a shady porch, you are very likely to find the square column. It compliments the lines of residences ranging from old colonials to cozy bungalows. It works with balustrades to give the overall exterior a unified appearance. You can also find the square column enhancing the interior space. Whether free-standing or highlighting a doorway, the square column remains versatile. Shop with us and discover why the square column is a timeless favorite.

We offer square columns crafted in ultra-durable fiberglass, as well as in versatile PVC Column Wraps, one of today's most widely known materials. It is through these modern polymer materials that the classic box-column is reinvented with authentic results. Fiberglass and PVC Column Wraps capture the character of traditional millwork, but the closed cell structure of polymer prevents the excessive levels of moisture that can lead to peeling, staining and decay in wood. Freedom from maintenance makes the composite square column truly beneficial.

The square column selection includes both load-bearing and decorative styles. Load-bearing square columns are handsomely molded and crafted in Endura-Stone™, an ultra-durable choice. Square Endura-Stone™ columns are not only available with plain, fluted, paneled or pedestal details, but also available in pre-colored and pre-textured White, Pebblestone and Sandstone. Pre-finished columns never need to be painted and they remain beautiful. Endura-Stone™ columns are only load-bearing when installed whole, as opposed to various plan types.

The PVC Column Wraps square column selection features both non-tapered and tapered styles, which are not load-bearing. This column style features E-Z Lock joints for easy installation and attractive corners every time. The square tapered column is a quintessential addition to the Craftsman home. The square tapered column is offered plain or with paneling. The square non-tapered column comes plain, paneled or fluted with classical detail.

Square columns can be ordered to standard widths and heights. Endura-Stone™ columns can be ordered in various plan types. Pre-cut split, pilaster or wall wrap columns reduce labor times. Square PVC Column Wraps columns are perfect for installation around support posts. They also provide an innovative means to renovation.