Structural Columns

Structural Columns

Presenting our Structural Columns

When a project calls for a load bearing support, the structural column provides a timelessly attractive solution. The structural column conveys architectural beauty while providing the strength and support that you need in crafting the structure that you envision. You will find a diverse selection of load-bearing columns within our product selection.

Our structural columns are based on traditional designs. They are inspired by their predecessors, many of which were made of massive stone. The difference between the renowned classical columns of history's architects and the columns that we offer today can be found in the high performance materials and manufacturing techniques that go into the crafting of each one.

Endura-Stone™ columns represent the height of technology when it comes to the crafting of outstanding high performance columns. We offer fiberglass columns in a variety of composite combinations to meet the needs of specific applications. This includes round and square Endura-Stone columns. In addition to standard white, these structural columns are available with special pre-colored and pre-textured finishes. We also offer the ultra-strong Endura-Wound round column and the Endura-Classic.

The fiberglass column is very strong, but also light in weight when compared to other building materials, like cast stone or wood. Fiberglass is non-porous and highly resistant to the effects of moisture. Very little moisture absorption results in a column that will not stain or decay. Durable Endura-Stone™ columns are impact-resistant, and columns with FlameGuard provide protection against fire. We offer Endura-Stone™ columns that meet and exceed industry standards, so you can be assured of their quality and performance. Endura-Stone™ columns are also backed by warranty.

When you require a structural column with incomparable warmth and texture, the wood column is a natural choice. Our Premiere and Signature wood column selection includes a wide range of solid, kiln-dried hardwood columns. Hardwood species of the highest quality are available, including Redwood, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut and more. Premiere and Signature wood columns are beautifully crafted and treated with powerful and life-extending wood preservatives that protect against swelling, shrinking and decay. Wood preservatives also repel insects, thereby preventing insect infestations.