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Here at Pacific Columns we pride ourselves on offering the widest variety of architecturally correct columns. There are two basic measurements that dictate the proportion and style of every column, the height and the diameter. When specifying your desired height, make sure to include the capital and base heights to come up with an overall column height.

Most wood columns are made-to-order, so make sure your measurements are as close to accurate as possible. Based on the height that you specify, our column builder will determine which diameter size is architecturally proportionate. Although this diameter is historically accurate, it is only a recommended diameter and you should always choose which size best fits your specific project. We also have a full staff of specialized consultants to assist you with alternative recommendations.

Feet Inch Fraction

Here at Pacific Columns, we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of standard size columns along with the ability to custom manufacture a column to any desired specifications. Below is a recommended diameter based upon the style of column you chose and the height specified. This diameter is based on the formula that the total column height should be seven times the diameter of the column, and is derived from historic architectural guidelines. The column diameter is always measured at the bottom of the column directly above the top ring of the base and is normally available in 2" increments. This is only a recommended diameter and may not be perfect for your specific project. Feel free to adjust the diameter below or contact our Architectural Consultants for suggestions or further helpful information.