Commercial Columns


Overview of our Commercial Products

Our Composite Fiberglass Columns are among the most enduring. They meet and exceed industry standards while defining both exterior and interior spaces with stately elegance and timeless beauty. We offer tapered, non-tapered, round and composite square columns crafted in durable fiberglass and PVC, as well as Wood Columns ranging from the classic to the uniquely detailed.

Be it a restoration or a new construction for a commercial building or a private residence, we bring you Balustrade Systems that set the tone for a diverse variety of exteriors. When you require elegance and character above that of a railing system, our balustrades provide traditionally stylish solutions. We offer balusters, rails and posts crafted in realistic poly/marble composite and high-density polyurethane.

If you seek the look and feel of a classic wood railing, our composite railing systems offer a durable and aesthetically effective alternative. We also offer railings crafted in cellular PVC and vinyl, modern materials designed to endure through the years, freeing you from time-consuming upkeep. All spindles, rails, posts, accessories and hardware are crafted with the classic beauty, precise detail and quality that you will find in all our products.

Brighten any exterior with our large selection of Exterior Shutters. Whether you seek louvered, paneled or board-n-batten shutter styles, Pacific Columns is your source. We also offer combined styles, bahama shutters, and custom shutter sizes for an ideal appearance. A large and vibrant color selection, as well as durable manufacturing in fiberglass, vinyl and wood composite, makes our Exterior Shutter selection stand out among the rest.

Fiberglass Columns

We manufacture and distribute 2 types of fiberglass columns. Both come with a limited lifetime warranty but offer certain advantages over one other. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is most advantages when column covers are required. The product is lightweight and comes standard in 2 halves with internal lap joints to facilitate quick reassembly around structural members.

Balustrade Systems

We have been manufacturing exterior composite balustrade systems for over 20 years. Our balustrades, manufactured using a rotational cast method, are made from a resinous marble matrix that is reinforced with fiberglass strand.

Architectural Cornices

We manufacture exterior fiberglass "FRP" entablature components: Cornice, Frieze, and Architrave to complement our architectural column line. Our moldings emulate the old world architecture of the Greeks using modern composite materials that last a lifetime. We have many standard profiles to choose from but our in-house mold making capabilities allow for custom profiles to be comparable in price.

Exterior Brackets

FRP is the same material that most modern boat hulls are made from so you can expect the same weather resistance and strength from our architectural products. We prefinish each piece with marine grade gel coat and then back it with fiberglass reinforced polyester resin that results in a lightweight product that is stronger than steel. Our cast offering is a poly marble composite product made with marble filler that is reinforced with polyester resin and chop strand.

Exterior Wall Panels

We offer many options for FRP panels some of which are shown below. Custom fiberglass decorative panels are fairly inexpensive so feel free to design panels that you have envisioned and we will make them a reality. Our panels, as with all of our FRP products, come with a marine-grade white Gelcoat or a plethora of pre-finished colors and textures.