Commercial Columns

Commercial Columns

Commercial Fiberglass Columns

Presenting our Commercial Series Fiberglass™ Columns

We manufacture and distribute two types of fiberglass columns. Both come with a limited lifetime warranty but offer certain advantages over one other. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is most advantages when column covers are required. The product is lightweight and comes standard in 2 halves with internal lap joints to facilitate quick reassembly around structural members. While it comes standard with a marine-grade white gel coat, it is available in an unlimited array of colors, textures, and aggregates that can mimic stone, wood, metal, etc. Fiberglass (cast) is most advantages when a whole column with high capacity for load is required.

These pillars, however, are only offered in a paint-grade option. Both materials can be used for either application mentioned previously but one has a slight advantage over the other.

Take a look at the comparison chart below to determine which product will work best for your project or give us a call for a quick run through. If budget is your main concern, there is no rule of thumb to follow: Sometimes FRP is the cheaper alternative and other times fiberglass is the less expensive option. Whenever making a purchasing decision for architectural columns, don't forget to weigh the costs associated with installation. We know every possible cost you can encounter so give us a call if you aren't one for surprises.

Available Column Designs

Round Tapered Plain

Round Tapered Fluted

Round Non-Tapered Plain

Square Non-Tapered Plain

Square Non-Tapered Fluted

Square Non-Tapered Panel

Square Tapered Plain

Round Non-Tapered Rope

Round Barel Smooth



FRP Cast Fiberglass
Best Application Column cover applications Loadbearing applications
Factory Finish (standard) White Gel coat Paint-grade
Factory Finish (options) Unlimited only paint-grade
Styles All All
Sizes All All
Wall Thickness 3/16" to 1/2" 3/8" to 2"
Weight (sq ft) 2 to 4 lbs 4 to 20 lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Advantages Lightweight Loadbearing
Replaces wood, concrete wood, concrete
Loadbearing Yes, when assembled Yes
Split/Half Columns Yes (standard with lap joint) Yes
Full Columns Factory assembly available Standard
Customizable Yes Yes
Fiberglass content 20-40% 1-5%
Filler none calcium carbonate/ATH
Fire Rating Available Available
LEED Points Available Available

Commercial Fiberglass Column Plan Types

Our Columns are as unique as the different types of installations that are available. We offer our Commercial Columns in a wide variety of "Plan Types". These "Plan Types" are the style and type of shaft, capital, and base you will receive. If you are using them as half columns against a wall, you would want to select a "D" plan type for round or "F" plan type for square. This would give you a column that could be installed against a wall. These are the most common plan types, however, we can do custom plan types if your project requires it.

Column Splitting

Using a precision splitting template machine, columns can be divided in halves to be used as pilasters or to be reassembled around existing structural members. Columns designed for reassembly come with realignment splines and installation instructions.