Commercial Wall Panels

Commercial Wall Panels

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Presenting our Fiberglass Panels

We offer thousands of fiberglass cornice, columns, balustrades, wall panels, domes, wall brackets, and trim details so we only have a sampling of our CAD drawings on our website. If you need a specific drawing or CAD file or our entire library of drawings, please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form requesting it.

We offer fiberglass porch columns from 6” in diameter and width to 42” wide by 30 feet tall. We carry decorative capitals and bases for all of our columns in addition to standard Tuscan capitals and bases. Our cornice moldings can be made as pictured or adjusted to hundreds of variations using our current molds. We offer fiberglass balustrades in system widths ranging from 3” to 10” and up to 48” system heights to surround pools or areas that require a 48” system height code.

Please feel free to use our CAD drawings or PDF files and specify Pacific Columns, Inc. on the plans or in the specifications and include our contact information. We have a full time architectural consultant on site who will assist with the early design process and help insure that the as-drawn will work with the as-built. We proudly manufacture our products in America and have been manufacturing fiberglass products for over 20 years so specify confidently. We look forward to working with you.

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