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Endura-Stone™ Textured Columns Columns

Presenting our Textured & Colored Endura-Stone™ Columns

Our synthetic stone or polymer stone columns are manufactured from a combination of filler, resin, and color pigment, resulting in products that look and feel like stone but are lighter, stronger, and less expensive than natural stone. These offer the greatest advantage over our other columns when pre-finished, stone-like, low-maintenance, robust, and load-bearing columns are desired.

Endura-Stone™ synthetic stone columns are offered in 6 standard colors which fully permeate the column. In other words, the stone-like appearance isn't skin deep; the color pigment is absorbed by every particle of the column. In addition to our standard colors, we are virtually unlimited as to the colors that we can produce. Typically our columns come in one uniform color; however, we are able to mix in various aggregates to achieve a "dirtier" stone look.

The majority of our textured columns are lightly textured using a sandblasting method but we also offer a smooth finish and even a coral finish where actual coral aggregate is used to create a load-bearing coral column. These columns are roto-cast resulting in a load-bearing yet hollow column. Endura-Stone™ columns typically use calcium carbonate filler, which is fine particles of crushed rock that when mixed with polyester resin solidify or harden to form a robust man-made stone column.

Since Endura-Stone™ is predominately used as exterior columns, they typically do not require an ASTM E 84 Class A test method for flame spread and smoke density. However, if a project calls out for polymer stone columns with a Class A rating, we add Alumina Trihydrate "ATH" to the matrix in order for the columns to pass the smoke density portion of the test. Without the ATH, the columns would pass only the flame spread portion of the test.

These columns typically weigh from 60 lbs. to 4000 lbs., depending on the size of the column. This is considered a lightweight alternative when compared to natural and cast stone but if even lesser weights are required, we can substitute lightweight filler which will decrease the weight of the column by a factor of 2. For example, a column weighing 300 lbs. would now weigh 150 lbs. In essence we offer "lightweight stone columns" but can offer "very lightweight stone columns".

Beautiful Textures & Colors

We offer our columns in 3 different textures and six standard colors. However, if you would like a custom color, we can certainly do that. We have mixes that allow us to make columns in almost any colors.

Smooth Finish Paintable

Textured Finish White

Textured Finish Sandstone

Textured Finish Limestone

Textured Finish Off-White

Textured Finish Cliffside Grey

Textured Finish Cream

Coral Finish Off-White

Coral Finish Sandstone

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Endura-Stone™ Round Tapered Columns

The Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column is the column of choice among builders and home owners alike. This versatile column combines elegance and boldness to truly define exterior spaces. This Column also features a durable Endura-Stone™ construction that stands up to weathering and insects.

Endura-Stone™ Round Non-Tapered Columns

At Pacific Columns, we strive to surpass the typical selection of standard architectural products. Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Columns are excellent alternatives to our tapered columns. This column is more robust and simply styled in appearance.

Endura-Stone™ Square Non-Tapered Columns

Our selection of Endura-Series™ Square Columns includes this non-tapered model. Simply attractive, crisp and versatile, the square non-tapered column is currently used in countless applications. This early 1900's Arts and Crafts inspired column retains the simple and straightforward appearance of classic American millwork.