Interior Columns

Interior Columns

Presenting our Interior Columns

Bring classical elegance into your surroundings with finely crafted interior columns. Whether something classically inspired, contemporary or unique is required, there are many ways to incorporate interior columns into the home interior.

When it comes to interior decor, the column is a timelessly favored accent valued in decorative and structural applications alike. Doric and Tuscan columns are versatile in design. They have simple beauty that applies to a diverse range of interior spaces. For something more decorative, the Ionic column, with its curling scrolls, features eye-catching detail and sets the tone for elegant enhancements. The Corinthian column has a richly textured and festive appearance when something more dramatic is required. There also exists a great selection of classically-inspired and unique contemporary column styles. These standout columns are sure to become the highlight of any room.

Interior columns can be ordered in classical proportions, or in custom sizes. The architecturally correct column conforms to the proportions of the columns of classical architecture, while the custom column can conform to and compliment many interior spaces and architectural features. Half columns, for example, can support an arch or connect a countertop and upper cabinet. Short columns can also be used in creative ways; to display busts, sculptures, vases, keepsakes and more.

Shoppers have a great selection of materials to select from when choosing interior columns. These materials range from polymers to wood. Materials like urethane are suitable for use in decorative, non-load bearing applications. Create custom door, window and fireplace surrounds with urethane pilasters. Other polymer materials include vinyl and fiberglass, which is suggested for use in load bearing applications. These materials are great for painting and faux finishing. Those with wood interiors may find great value in wood columns. Wood columns are beautifully carved in high quality hardwoods. With so many wood species available, all wood interiors can be accommodated for.